Summer Challenge 2017: How It Works

Challenge Logo

How It Works…

  • The Challenge begins on June 15 and is for teens entering grades 6 and up. It ends on July 30th at 11:59 PM, with the finale party and prize drawings on Thursday, August 3rd.
  • Create a profile at All members must create a new profile, even if you’ve participated in the challenge before.
  • On Monday, June 20th, begin to log your activities. Here is how:
    • Pick one of our BINGO cards – the Readers Card or the Challenge Card. Select your activity and then blog about it (more details are found with each card type, so click the links above!)
      • Yes…this is different than the last year! Keep reading for more on how and what to post…
    • There are weekly drawings for gift cards to local shops, so make sure to post at least one thing each week!
    • The more points you earn over the course of the summer, the more chances you get to win one of our fabulous grand prizes!
      • How are points earned? You guessed it…keep reading and you’ll get your answer!

 You have some questions?

Rules, rules rules…Points, points, points. But what can I win?

  • Right – PRIZES! They will be announced very soon!
  • Each week of the challenge, we will give away a $25 gift card, drawn at random from anyone who completed a challenge activity the week before.

Fine…tell me about points.

  • Pick your BINGO card and do an activity
  • Blog about it on your Challenge profile!
  • Awesome! You’ve earned a point!
  • You get a bonus two points for every BINGO you get on a card
  • You can get as many BINGOs on a card as you’d like – but only one point per different activity.

Do I have to use my full name to register?

Nope: Just your first name and last initial (or an alias) will work. Just make sure we can figure out who you are and how to get in touch with you if you win!

We can really earn points for the random stuff on the Challenge Card? Not just reading?

  • Yup. As long as you can follow the guidelines when you write about it, you’ll get pointed.

Do we have to pick one card or can we do both and get lots and lots of points?

  • Yes. You can do both cards! But you are looking to score a BINGO in order to be guaranteed a prize, so keep that in mind!

Can I do the same activity over and over again and pile up points that way?

  • No. Much like traditional BINGO, once that square is used, it cannot be used (for additional points) again…you can keep doing the same thing for funsies though! We’d never tell you not to.
  • Once you’ve completed a square, it counts for as a many BINGOs on your card as you need it to. Basically, once you’ve earned the square, you can use it any way you need to, even if it only gets you one point.

Ah. Guidelines for posting. What are those?

To earn points: Do stuff, then tell us about it.

  1. Tell us what you did (read, saw, etc.)
  2. Describe it for us!
  3. Tell us how it made you feel!
  4. Tell us a thing you’d change about it

Cool. Cool cool cool. But how do the points work?

You earn a point for each activity square that you do AND blog about. Sign in to your Challenge account and add a new post and get writing. If you post a picture, be sure to CAPTION it so we know what square you are using. See the Readers Card and Challenge Card for more details on exactly HOW to log your stuff. You earn a bonus two points for any BINGO you earn on your cards, too.

I won’t be home this summer. Boo.

Not Boo! Because the Challenge is online, you can play from anywhere you have internet access! And we set aside prizes for those who cannot attend our Finale AND LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE. Not Boo at all!

What? I have no idea what kind of stuff I should be doing…

Good thing we have those cards with all the points-earning activities on this site! (One more time: Readers Card! Challenge Card!)

So, basically, just read a lot of books to get points?

Sure! Wait…Not exactly. No points unless you log your activities and write thoughtfully about them on your profile. There are lots of things to choose from –  so try something new!

Events? Volunteering?

  • Sure! There are lots of opportunities to both do stuff at the library and help out this summer, including a new, registered volunteer option at the Woods Branch!

Why do I have to wait until June 15th? I’m ready to play NOW!

We are really happy to hear that. Truly. But we are all bound by the space-time continuum and so we wait…

How do we go from points to prizes?

For every two points you earn, you will receive one raffle ticket at our finale party on 8/3/2017, where we will draw for our prizes.

  • If you can’t attend the party, let us know at least a week in advance and you’ll be entered into our alternate raffle – there are always bonus prizes just for people who can’t make the finale.
  • We will also have a weekly raffle for gift cards to local and/or online stores, based on who enters challenges into their profile each week.

What happens to all those unclaimed points if people don’t turn up at the party? Can I have them?

Nope. Sorry. We give them a Viking-style funeral back behind the library at the end of the summer.

More questions?

Ask them at or post a comment here on the blog.

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